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Fantasy War is a card game made for fun by a high school student. This Wiki explains the basic rules of the card game as well as pages for each card. Feel free to explore around.

We currently have at least 190 pages on this Wiki, and please feel free to look around.

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This pages are recommended since they lead onto other pages and cards for you to view. Feel free to explore every page. Remember, we currently have 190 pages for you to explore.


Fighter Card List

Assist Card List

Teamwork Card List


Fantasy War Chronicles

Below is a list of Fantasy War Chronicles, stories based around Fantasy War fighters and new characters.

Fighter Gallery

  • BivolGo to Bivol
  • AguragonGo to Aguragon
  • AilesGo to Ailes
  • ChonanGo to Chonan
  • CitecGo to Citec
  • DamperiaGo to Damperia
  • FlamandoGo to Flamando
  • FreezoGo to Freezo
  • FloriaGo to Floria
  • JurawingGo to Jurawing
  • KibafangGo to Kibafang
  • KuwingGo to Kuwing
  • LaliceGo to Lalice
  • NochianGo to Nochian
  • PyraloGo to Pyralo
  • ReficulGo to Reficul
  • ShanonGo to Shanon
  • SleetearGo to Sleetear
  • TrasigaGo to Trasiga
  • VingarGo to Vingar
  • ZenfroGo to Zenfro
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